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familyprint video

Check out the video for FamilyPrint which depicts our purpose and some of the families that have benefited from FamilyPrint donations.  We are very proud of the progress we have made in one year.

Special thanks to Jacob Thomas Hyten for creating the video.

broken bones

Go figure…Gage broke his arm.  The funny part about it is there is absolutely no good story to tell.  I mean the kid hangs from trees, jumps from windows, rides a scooter with no helmet, scales fences, and so on.  Yet, the time he rolls off the couch he screams in agony and next thing I know we are headed to the ER.  Oh well…as you can see from the image it hasn’t slowed him down a bit.

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?  He is a sweetheart.

He had to be put under to set the arm.  As he was coming out of his stupor, they asked him to identify me at the end of the bed.  He slurred, “That’s my mom…but she has four eyes and two noses!”

halloween jam

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For a long time I have thought it quite possible…but there is no doubt debating it at this point.  If there was a time delayed video camera observing me today, it would be clear I am adult with a clear case of ADHD.

See, I suffer from my mother’s insatiable need to move furniture and rearrange my house every few months.  I just cannot live without change.

I started on the living and office space, meandered into the kitchen, all of a sudden found myself in the basement starting to find things I could move into the family room, skipped back to the office, until I was just going around in circles.  I finally got control.  I finished the office and the living room. My upstairs is now in total disarray.

Tim will once again return home from a business trip and find himself in a new home.  He won’t know where to find things.  But it looks cool.  I burned off some calories and I have satisfied my need for heavy lifting.

Thanks MOM for making me a freak!

a recent visit

A lot of excited yelling occurs in our house when the prism casts a rainbow across our kitchen floor.  “AUNT NINE IS HERE.  AUNT NINE IS HERE!”

It certainly has been an endearing way of keeping her spirit alive in all of us.  In fact, my Uncle Tom sends pictures now and then casting her rainbow in Boston.  But when I asked the kids tonight what they remembered about Aunt Nine it made me kind of sad.  Gage said, “She was funny.  She used to tickle me a lot.”  Campbell, who shares her birthday, said, “I remember when she died.”  I really cannot expect any more than that…she had just turned two.  But I do know that Nine would get a kick out of her.  She has got all her spunk and more.

spa stoner

Bobbi Brown should seriously take my advice and have a secondary offering for her makeup brushes.  Our boys love their faces rubbed so much that we got them each a small (non-Bobbi Brown set) for Christmas.  But now I have created spa-like monsters.  And, it has just elongated the already long bedtime process.  What makes matters even more indulgent is they also like hand massages.  I am thinking I need this type of spa treatment each night.


We took the girls for a walk last night. A horse farm with three old horses isn’t but a 1/4 of a mile away. Emerson on her Razor and Tim on his Ripstick, led the way. Campbell attempted to keep up on her tricycle while I walked along. We jointly agreed that we need to do a family walk every night. We’ll see…

As we got to the white fence that surrounds the horses, the girls yelled out, “Look at all the wishers.” It is happening less often, but Tim and I were both in ‘translation-mode’ trying to figure out what they were talking about. Emerson exclaimed almost in Disney-animation, “Whatever you wish in your heart will come true.”

And then…it hit us. We looked out on this beautiful field and saw dandlelions (at the stage where you blow them). Most of us would cringe to see our yards full of these infested weeds but to the girls…they were gazing on a field of WISHERS!

nothing extra

There has been no time for anything ‘extra’ with the upcoming launch of the nonprofit.  Seven days and counting. 

I have so much to post. I miss my blog 🙁 

quick reply

I love it when Briggs tries to sound old but isn’t to the point where he is swearing yet.  Like the time when Tim was deployed and I found a drawing hidden in his drawer with a caption, “My mom is Fat Albert!”

Personally, I have a bit of a trucker mouth.  I don’t deny that in the heat of frustration I let some swear words fly now and then. 

So, at the Children’s Museum this weekend Briggs was prodding me to leave the pretend Ice Cream Parlor area.  I pleaded with him to let the girls play a little longer. 

He looked at me and said, “I’m outta here.”

So, I replied, “Well, where are you going?”

His response was, “Over The Rainbow!”

gage’s girl

Cannot say that I have ever been a huge Katharine McPhee fan.  I don’t think I watched that season of American Idol.  But I can tell you that in no uncertain terms Gage’s eyes popped out of his head when he walked passed this magazine at the Pediatrician’s Office.  The kid is ALL boy.  He asked the nurse if he could take the magazine back to show his friends!!!  I am sure their parents will be pleased.

FLASH FORWARD TEN YEARS…I am cleaning Gage’s room while he is at school.  As I pull up his comforter, I hear papers at the foot of his bed.  I reach down to pull up several well-read, and worn back issues of Playboy

I had a brother.  I’m no fool.  But my five year old already telling me his future wife is Katharine McPhee?   Wow!

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