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elves 2009

These are just as irresistable as our tacky inflatables in the front yard.

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I queried Briggs on his New Year’s Resolutions last night.  He said he needed time to sit on it.  I agreed.  It always takes me awhile to figure out what I can truly commit to in the coming year. 

I would love to commit to not yelling at my children (at least not in the morning) but I would be setting myself up for failure almost immediately.  Mornings don’t always go well, as many mothers can relate.  I would love to give up sweets but why…life is to short not to enjoy what you put in your mouth.  I would like to get more rest, spend more quality time with each child, but I figure I should make my goals attainable. Here they are:

– Drink one glass of milk a day and take a multi-vitamin.

– Try to do 1-2 loads of laundry per day instead of ten at the end of the week!

– Establish a chores and allowance system for Briggs.

– Mail birthday cards only with a handwritten note enclosed.  No email cards.

– Eat all food in the freezer before replinishing it.

 – Get children into bed by 9pm.

– Make church a priority on Sundays.

– Keep up on weeds…I think some weeds in my landscape grew to look more like shrubs.

I will keep myself honest by checking in next January.

revolving door

I think each house takes on its own identity over the years.  In fact, sometimes even its own scent.  If I were to blindly walk back into The Sedita’s home today, a place where I spent a good portion of my childhood, I would know it instantly by its scent.

I believe our home is known for its ‘revolving door’.   The walls of our home always contain someone…it isn’t a lonely or quiet home.  Our doorbell sounds often and our guest room gets a significant amount of use (I promise I launder the linens after each visitor).

Our revolving door was in constant motion this holiday season.  Lots of family.  Lots of friends.  Lots of food.  Lots of cleanup.  Lots of noise.  However, we enjoyed every visit.

On another note…what is it about Christmas decorations that make them so exciting to dig out and place around the house but so equally exciting to remove and store until next year? I will admit…I get a bit of anxiety with the ‘extra decor’ around the house.  I am not particularly fond of clutter.  So, the last of the decorations were stored and all four inflatables deflated yesterday.  The only trace the holidays have come and gone is the additional plastic we have acquired (aka toys) and the memories of our loved visitors.

Yet the revolving door still spins…Suzy visits Friday!


giving thanks belated

I didn’t want Thanksgiving to pass by without properly noting the things for which I was most thankful but I successfully did just that.  My goal was then set to be completed in time for Christmas…well, it is past the New Year.  So now, I not only have to complete this list but my resolutions as well.  There simply is never enough time. 

Without further delay, I am grateful for…

My husband.  So much of 2007/2008 was spent apart.  I am grateful for the incredible presence he provides in our home.   It is good to have the Stoner Six intact.

My tweens.  I am lucky to have three incredible young women in my life, all approximately fourteen years old, yet very diverse.  My sister, Audrey, an intellectually gifted girl with a guarded heart.  My neice, Evane, an incredibly creative girl with a wounded heart.   My cousin, Mina, an enormously sweet girl with a gentle heart.  I love all three of them and look forward to spending time with each individually.  They each are very different, but I hold a very special place for each of them in my heart.  In addition, my children have grown especially fond of them.  My future tween visitor…Hattie!

Great authors.  I  love an author who is able to create a story so fascinating that you feel part of the story and you dread placing a bookmark.  I love an author that creates such rich characters that you feel as if you know them.  For the past few months I have been indulging in Diana Gabaladon’s Outlander series.  She has taken me to a world I descended from but knew little of prior to reading her books…the Highlands of Scotland.  But places a modern woman (from the 1960s) into the 17th Century story.  It has granted me an escape which I often times desperately need.

The Kindle.  I love to read.  In fact, I would define utter happiness as being able to snuggle up anywhere to read. My Kindle (thanks Tim) just makes it easy to steal a moment here and there to get a few blissful moments in.  

Uncle Tom.  He introduced me to The Kindle!  He has a soothing nature to his voice so I look forard to our quick, but daily calls.  I saw him completely take over the reigns for the Rowe Family since Caroline’s death.  He  is a good man.

Grandpa.  He was my definition of a gentleman.  I am sad his departure came shortly after his move to Indianapolis but grateful for every moment I had with him. 

Friends.  I have incredible friends.  At this age, they seem more like family than just friends.  I couldn’t stand tall without them. 

My father.  He may take some patience at times.  However, I owe him an enormous thanks for mending a relationship, had he not, would have transformed the footprint of our family forever.  His act took courage, especially in the wake of losing two of his best friends.

Silence.  When I can get it, I could almost roll in it. 

Morning runs.  It ain’t easy motivating myself to climb out of a warm bed in the middle of the winter to put multiple layers on.  But after meeting my neighbors on the corner at 7am it is well worth the effort. 

Nate and Helena.  My brother and sister-in-law are a remarkable couple.   I truly love them and appreciate their generosity and warmth.

My children.  They define me.  No matter what, the most important role I play in life is Mommy, Mama, and Mom. 

My mom.  She is an extraordinarily beautiful woman.  Sometimes us Moms don’t feel as appreciated as we should.  I am definitely to blame.  I don’t tell her often enough what a positive influence she has made on my life. 

Aunt Nine.  For her giant spirit that lives on in our household.  We witness her rainbow cast by her prism everyday.

even better than last year

I thought my four little elves were pretty good last year with the ‘Elf Yourself’ campaign through OfficeMax but they have taken it to an entirely new level in 2008. The six of us were gathered around the computer tonight laughing hysterically at the videos below. We hope you are getting in the holiday spirit too. Enjoy!


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Send your own ElfYourself eCards
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