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sign of spring

tickA Spring couldn’t pass without me finding a tick embedded into my head.  It has happened every year we have lived in Indiana. Really…it is disgusting.  And, I find it rather embarassing to call my neighbors with the question, “Hi, I have a tick in my head.  Would you mind coming over to extract it with tweezers?”  I like the Spring but cannot stand the critters it brings along with it. 

Guess what the summer brings without fail? Poison Ivy!  Must Mother Nature punish me?


While we live in what you would consider a suburb, we are experiencing some wildlife this Spring.  We have either seen or found tracks for deer, coyote, fox, and turkey.  We caught this gobble-gobble walking past our deck.  Couldn’t believe it!  Now that is a first.  We have since found out that this is actually a Guinea Hen. 


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