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heartfelt feedback

“All people admire appreciate and respect anyone who can do something they cannot.  Especially if they wish they could.  The obvious heroes are athletes, musicians, entertainers and anyone else our media portrays to be extraordinary.  These people have talent or can work at becoming great.  People who sign up to become military personnel sign up in faith and commit to giving up everything about them to lead, follow and serve a purpose.

Tim is an amazing man to me.  His face and your family is what I see anytime military is heard or has to be imagined.  I attempted the military through USMC OCS and learned that I could not commit to it.  Because of my short experience, I have a barely better understanding than any common person of what that commitment means.  I admire the people who can.  I offer my thanks to anyone in uniform when I see them in passing for the commitment they have given, but it’s hard to thank a military service person.  It’s hard to approach anyone today extend your hand and just say “Thanks.”  I’ve done it.  There is uncertainty, awkwardness, confusion, silence.  I think most people that see military want to say thanks and then the moment is gone.

The organization you and Tim have created to help the families allows me a better way to give thanks for them.  You have created a way for people and me to offer thanks and support.  I hope yours becomes one of the biggest organizations of its kind.”  JASON G.

A special thanks to the Bob and Tom Show for inviting us back for the second year on Veteran’s Day.  We truly appreciate your support of FamilyPrint.

Listen here to the interview.

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costco book signings

PLEASE join us this weekend at the Costco Indianapolis locations for book signings.  We would love your support.

feels so good

When we made our initial donation to Our Military Kids, we hoped the money would find its way quickly to the children of deployed parents.  We were pleasantly surprised that within two weeks we received postcards from the two girls below. What an awesome feeling!

Five-year old Matty wrote to thank us for paying for her ballet class.  She wrote, “It is fun!”

Another postcard came in the mail just days later but from a young girl named Amanda. It read, “Your donation has allowed me to participate in a girl scout summer camp. I love water. It gives me a chance to swim, canoe, kayak and do the water trampoline.”

And from a girl named, Samantha, “Thank you for the money you have sent me. I am really excited about this! I have never really been a sports person so it was a shock that I like Karate! OUt of all other sports! Thank you!”

We figured the thank you should be extended to all those that support FamilyPrint. Even a little change can make a big impact.

On another exciting note…the book will be carried in the Indianapolis Costco warehouses starting the first week of July.  Look also for the writeup in the upcoming Costco Connection.  We will be doing book signings locally in August.  Things are happening…slowly but surely.

familyprint LAUNCH

Wow…what an amazing evening. After an immense effort, the nonprofit for FamilyPrint is officially launched!  We could not be more proud.  I finally have that gratifying feeling that we are ‘paying it forward’ after being on the receiving end of so much support and graciousness.  The evening was a reminder of the challenges that we endured but the culmination of a deployment that ended nearly two years ago. 

I was europhic all weekend following the launch. It could not have been more beautiful or well executed (thanks to a wonderful team…special thanks to:  Kate Berglund, Beth Olson, and Monica Richard).   It was absolutely a fantastic evening in a majestic venue that I believe is the Indiana GEM.  It is a treasure that no one should miss.  The War Memorial is free so take your children now.  Bring your next visitors.  It cannot be missed.

I am especially excited to announce that OUR MILITARY KIDS will be the beneficiary of the funds that we raised in conjunction with the launch.  We still have some financial crunching to do post-launch and awaiting a few donations but we are hopeful that $10K will be donated to Our Military Kids.  A fund specifically for Indiana will be created on behalf of Familyprint which will go toward families that are financially stretched during a deployment.  Funds will be provided to pay for the fees for extracurricular activites, such as:  sports (football, soccer, karate, etc.), fine arts (dance, band, art, etc.), or tutoring programs so crucial to children.

The Launch would not have been successful without and sponors and contributors:  Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Nathaniel Edmunds Photography, KB Design, Print Resources, 360 Vodka, HER Energy Drink, Olinger, Keg ‘n Bottle, The Conrad, Just Pop In, Posh Petals, A Classic Party Rental, Ace Party Rental, ReNew, Carmel Montessori, Ruditoonz, Indy Photo Booths, Stella & Dot, Arbonne, Top Shelf Cigar, Cocktail Sax Band, Piquant Catering, and Detail & Design.

indianapolis woman

I am incredibly honored to be in this month’s issue of Indianapolis Woman’s Magazine

First of all, thanks to Shari (editor) for her interest and then thanks to Sherri (author) for writing such a great article.  She really captured the essence of our story and our hopes to make a difference to other military families.

This comes after a day of still trying to secure more sponsors for the upcoming launch and registration of attendees.   So, if you are planning to attend (and we hope you do)…get your tickets NOW!


governor daniels

We were thrilled when Governor Daniels graciously endorsed our book, FamilyPrint.  Saying, “When a National Guardsman deploys there are truly two people at war: the solider who goes to fight the enemy and the spouse who stays behind to face, in many ways, an equally difficult task. Tim and Tiffany Stoner’s new book is a useful reminder of the debt we owe to both members on any National Guard Family.”

It was equally exciting when we met him in his office to deliver the book.  He was completely at ease and jovial.  Within our short time with the Governor, we found that we have quite a bit in common.

I think we are off to a good start.

Of course, we are always thankful to have our ‘personal photographer’ nearby our sides.  Thanks, Nate!


bob and tom

For those of you who were unable to listen in on Veteran’s Day to the Bob & Tom Show, we have included the audio file below. You will get some good laughs from Major Stoner.

We are very grateful for their interest in FAMILYPRINT.

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zionsville sentinel


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