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back to school

After two weeks of Spring Break, I HAPPILY dropped the twins back off at school.  It was with great relief to get back into our typical structure.  However, I pulled away remembering there is only so much time with these two fruit cups.  I waver so often from being completely frustrated with them to cherishing their extraordinary personalities.

st. patrick’s day

I was feeling not only overwhelmed after a long week but guilty that I hadn’t spent a lot of quality time with the girls.  Such is the life of a working mom!

I figured we were ready to PLAY HOOKY!!!  What a better day to pick than St. Patrick’s Day.  The sun was shining.  The skies were blue.  And, the parade was downtown.

I packed a great lunch.  Called the montessori school to inform them the girls had better plans.  We were on our way each wearing something green!  It was a GIRL DAY!

We walked around the tents.  Climbed the stairs of the War Memorial.  Visited the Shrine Room.  Watched the parade.  Grabbed enough candy that it seemed like Halloween.  Skirted around the unfilled fountains.

Soon this FREE day turned into an EXPENSIVE day.  Amongst all of this excitement, I look over to see my van being towed from the parking lot.

If you know Indianapolis, there aren’t a plethora of cabs around.  Thanks to the Irish Hurlers we were able to get to the pound with little trouble. COINCIDENTALLY, one of the teammates departing from the same parking lot had TWO PINK CAR SEATS in his car.  Go figure!  So, the lesson, “Don’t ever get in a car with a stranger!,” went right out the window.

I had prepared in advance for Spring Break with putting some cash in my wallet earlier in the week.  I figured surely I had enough cash on me and surely the pound would take a credit card.  NEGATIVE!!!

So, I offered the very nice pound attendant either my purse or to pick a girl he would like for me to leave behind!  He wouldn’t accept either.

From behind the counter a nice woman (also a mother) offered to drive me and the girls to the nearest cash station.  So, the lesson, “Don’t ever get in a car with a stranger!,” went right out the window.  Oh…and no car seats…yup…that too!

The most interesting part was the differing reactions from the girls.

{dramatic} CAMPBELL | We are never going to get home.  Why did they steal our car?

{kick-your-ass} EMERSON | I cannot believe you are going to pay these people to get our own van back.  I am telling Dad.

Oh well…it was all a big adventure we will remember.

closet bed

I tried to imagine what was going through an acquaintance’s mind when my daughter, Emerson, told her she sleeps in the closet!  If it were my first child, I would have been mortified but I am seasoned enough to understand all children go through interesting stages.  Emerson happens to be going through the I-DON’T-LIKE-MY-BED-I-WANT-TO-SLEEP-IN-THE-CLOSET Stage.  So, I indulged her desires and setup a comfortable pallet in her…closet!

What I thought would last a night or two, transitioned into a week.  Then that week transitioned into several weeks!  She likes her ‘closet bed’ so much that she exclaimed, “I think we should give my bed away to another child that doesn’t have a bed!”

While I love her generosity, I have spent considerable effort making sure my children have comfortable beds in which they feel secure.

I am not sure what it is about the closet.  She goes against the grain of most children.  She actually prefers the doors be closed.  Does she like the cramped, closed in feeling?  Does she like the pitch black?  Or is just simpler than that…does it eliminate the sound of her snoring sister next to her?

Oh well…this stage shall pass too.


mom of the year – NOT

Well, I am definitely NOT going to win MOM OF THE YEAR for this one.

I was working late the other night (go figure!).  It is that time of the year when my hands start to shrink from the cold and my rings twist around uncomfortably.  So, I slipped the off and tucked them in my desk.

LESSON LEARNED:  Either don’t take off rings or keep one place in the house where they go and don’t deviate from it.

Two days later after I sent the girls off to Bible Study, I remembered I needed to put my rings back on.  I proceeded to my desk and found them GONE!  I screamed!  I immediately called the Bible Study teacher to have her check each purse the girls brought with them.  Because at four years old, they must carry a purse with their makeup and special things!

Nothing was found.  I screamed!

At this point, Gage had to be dropped off at school.  I heard him from the back of the van say as I was crying, “Mom, I didn’t even know you had diamonds.  And your cry sounds like a pig laughing.”  He must have thought I had a small bag of loose diamonds as if from Pirates of the Caribbean.

I arrive swiftly back at Bible Study.  Openly blame the girls for taking my jewelry, and proceed to take them back home.

LESSON LEARNED:  Don’t place blame in public.  You may have to eat your words.

Once we walk through the door, the girls are staying noticeably close to each other.  I ask them to take me to the place where they moved my jewelry.  They haphazardly state the rings must be in my closet or maybe Gage’s room or maybe in the bathroom…

My frustration reaches its peak.  I am crying explaining that these are my special things and they shouldn’t touch my special things.

I spank them.  Ugh…I even made them pull down their pants.  Ugh!!!

I call Tim.

LESSON LEARNED:  Call your husband first.

He is busy in a meeting but hears my frantic voice.  All he could say is, “I took them and put them in a safer place!”

So, I walk into the twins’ room with my tail between my legs.  Profusely apologize for blaming them.

I am emotionally drained for the remainder of the day while I try to make it up to them by baking muffins and getting out the holiday decorations.

LESSON LEARNED:  Even though they look guilty 99% of the time and even though they typically are guilty 99% of the time, sometimes they aren’t guilty.

I forwarded this video to Tim!

hat day

For many that know me…you know I come from a long line of women that adore hats.  In fact, I don’t recall seeing my Grandma Frances leave the house without one.  So…I had a great time capturing the many faces of Emerson as she tried several on.  Could she be my ticket to the Oscars Red Carpet someday?

new drug

We’d be millionaires if we could ‘bottle-up’ this sound.  It would do wonders for people that suffer from depression.  How can you not giggle along?


tea party

Spring is in the air…and summer is just around the corner.  We are all growing excited.  No more getting up early.  No more packing lunches.  Hopefully, no more early morning yelling (we’ll see about that!). 

I setup a tea party for the girls because it was perfect outdoors, and my friend wanted to get some pictures of the new Stella & Dot jewlery for girls.  My frustration grew because within minutes the sweet setting I had created was a disaster. 

What is it with my girls (and their cousin, Elin)?  How did I get destructive girls!?!  Is it just there is more than one?  Will this end?  Will I someday be thankful because they will not let anyone push them around and will speak up for their beliefs?  Calgon, take me away!



no fear

Across the board, the girl has no fear.  Yesterday, she came in with two worms in need of a home.  Yet she is obsessed with putting on makeup.  Not sure what all of it means…

Here she is stair jumping with a little pre-jump showing off.

What Tim loves is the total and complete trust that he will catch her.


Four has always been my favorite age. A four-year old understands most concepts, their language is well-developed, they are fairly self-sufficient, they are no longer a danger to themselves, etc.

With the twins quickly approaching four in July, I am just waiting for the switch to begin. Honestly, it doesn’t look as if it is.

My silence on the blog is due to two main factors:

1) I am chest deep in planning the Inaugural luanch of our nonprofit for FamilyPrint on April 23rd. 

2)  Three weeks ago, I randomly in a fit of rage decided to take the TV away indefinitely (another blog post about this will come soon).

3)  The twins have been on a destruction streak.

Here is the list of things they have done recently:

+ While standing on my beloved, L-shaped, glass-top desk in my office, Campbell drops a large marble.  It clearly hit it in just the right spot because one side of it shattered.  Had she fallen through she would have sliced herself open from head to foot.  Thankfully, she did not.  However, as soon as I saw that she didn’t have a scratch on her, I was furious.  I am now unhappily typing on a hard piece of plywood that has since been written on.  And, it doesn’t look nearly as sleek as my cool glass. 

+ At the first sign of warm weather, the kids ran to play with the neighbors.  Apparently, they needed a Costco-sized box of Cheerios to snack on!  While I was out of sight for approximately two minutes they managed to crush the entire contents into the wood deck.  If we don’t have a host of rodents swarming around our house soon, I will be in shock.

+  Some stickers are easily removed others are not.  In an effort to bide some time while I worked on Briggs science project, I gave the girls a box of old file folder stickers.  They covered the hardwood floor.  Briggs and I were on our hands and knees scraping them off for an hour.

+  Laundry.  I am not a big fan of the washing-drying-folding-putting it away process…especially after ten loads a week.  But when I get it to the final stage of having all of the clothes folded to find my neat piles thrown over the banister from the second floor to the first…well it doesn’t fill me with happy thoughts.  It makes me want to put the girls to bed early and lock them behind their door.

+ Campbell is so thrilled with writing that she doesn’t stop.  With a pen and paper constantly in her hand, she writes all day.  Unfortunately, she found a paint pen.   Once Tim noticed a strong smell coming from the dining room, it was too late.  She was just laying on the floor writing away while the paint pen leaked through to the hardwoods.  Thank goodness for Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.  The inventors have no idea how they changed the lives of mothers.

+ We used to have four cordless phones.  We don’t even have one anymore.  I am pretty confident that we will find them out in the yard as the snow melts.

The list just continues.  I wonder if magically on their fourth birthday they are going to change their ways.   It makes me think my grandmother must really be enjoying all of this chaos up in Heaven.

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