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So I take the kids to our local Mexican restaurant to meet Tim for dinner.  While we are waiting and eating chips with guacamole, Emerson strikes up a conversation with a woman at the next table. This is what I hear:

I love your name. So how old are you?

Three but I’m gonna be five and a half soon.  I have wine in my bedroom.


HaHa…isn’t that funny.  Well, Emerson is kind of right.  She has two wine bottles in her room. But they are from the hospital.  When each baby is born the hospital gives a personalized label with the baby’s name and birthdate on a sparkling grape juice bottle!  Geez, I bet that sounded great.

It is amazing what children say, when they say it, in the context they say it, and why they say it.


I know well enough that I am aging as the days quickly pass.   It is evidently clear to me when I look in the mirror every morning.  But the girls have started suggesting that I play the ‘grandma’ role.  Of course, when the twins play “Mommy-Baby”, Campbell is Mommy, Emerson is baby, and I guess now I am getting prematurely aged to GRANDMA!  As if approaching my forties isn’t enough! 

But then I remembered my sister-in-law legitamely had four kids by the time she was 21 and a REAL grandmother by forty.  So I didn’t feel so bad. 

I will keep pretending to be FAKE Granny…at least they are handing me a FAKE tall, skinny vanilla late and cookie from their FAKE kitchen.

watch out

Look what Santa dropped off!  Beware…they are on the loose with FOUR wheels.

bathing beauties

IN THE MIDDLE OF WINTER…they still strip down, change constantly and wear totally inappropriate clothing given the temperatures.


emerson’s mark

Hemangioma = an abnormal buildup of blood vessels in the skin or internal organs.  In most cases it appears during the first days or weeks of life and will have resolved at the latest by age 10. In infancy, it is the most common tumor.

Emerson’s Mark = the spot on her wrist that has made her special from birth. It grew wildly weeks after she was born and has progressively faded since she was one year old.

We have never given much thought to the growth on Emerson’s wrist.  It definitely isn’t pretty but I figure it will vanish just as the doctor suggested by the time she starts kindergarten.  I am, however, thankful it did not disfigure her angelic face. 

People ask about it.  Other kids stare.  One time a mother at a park snatched her daughter away from Emerson as they began to play.  She asked me if what was on her hand was contagious.  <As if I would take my child that was inflicted with a contagious disease to the park!> 

We decided to make it special.  We call it Emerson’s Mark! 

So unique it has become that Campbell wished for one, and Emerson doesn’t want it to go away.

It has become a great lesson for me on how you can turn something negative into a positive with just approaching it from a different angle. 

Here is the disappearing act firsthand.



One of the most inspiring aspects to owning a photography company is being an intimate part of a bride and groom’s wedding day.  As the photographers, we get the privilege of being behind the scenes.  We are given the honor of following the bride all day long to capture the event as it naturally unfolds in front of her eyes.  Because of this proximity, we get to know the couple quite well. 

Hands down…my favorite part of the day…is being the only person who gets to observe a father and daughter before they walk down the aisle.  I try to remain still and inconspicuous during this magical moment filled with brewing emotion.  Nate positions himself in the church during the processional.  The fathers are sometimes speechless, sometimes nervous, sometimes humorous but always in awe of their daughter’s beauty donned in their finest.  I imagine it is a moment all fathers kind of dread in a way but at the same time they cling to the last moment alone.  Even writing this it gives me goose bumps. 

Naturally, our children are surrounded by the wedding industry.  So, it should not come as a surprise that Emerson and Gage pretended to get married last week.   But it was especially sweet they entered into fake matrimony because these two were like oil and water from the beginning.  In fact, I caught Gage dragging Emerson by the neck down the hall at age two weeks.  As they have been in Montessori together this year, however, their opinions of one another have changed….thankfully! 

On this particular rainy day they decided they wanted to both get married to each other AND go to the prom!  Not sure where they even learned about prom?  The video must be their first dance?!? Nonetheless, it made me think about how someday Tim will have that MOMENT with our girls that he will get to treasure forever. 

P.S. I do wonder where Emerson learned to ‘bat’ her eyes.

stoner sisters

Don’t worry Jonas Brothers.  The Stoner Sisters will never cast a shadow on your limelight.  There clearly is no singing or dancing talent to be had.  Just a lot of noise and interesting guitar movements.

Note: Turn down your volume.

THREE (thank goodness)

The twins turned three…thank goodness!  I am hoping this new age of maturity brings along less destruction. Can I even hope for less drama? I doubt it.

They sure are fun though. They are a giant ball of personality…a mixture of aggression, sweetness, humor and inquisition.

It goes without saying but I will anyway…our lives wouldn’t be the same without Campbell and Emerson. Before they were born I just didn’t feel whole. With them I feel like our FAMILYPRINT is complete.


After seven long months of reading the ‘Outlander’ series, I really didn’t need to dive right into another series.  But I felt almost sad saying goodbye to the main characters in the book, Jamie and Claire.  I needed a diversion.

I am going to flat out be honest.  I got totally sucked into (no pun intended) ‘The Twilight” series.  I have avoided the pop-culture phenomenon quite easily until it was suggested as a read for my book club.  I even went so far as to relentlessly tease the woman in our book club that suggested it.  I accused her of being into ‘teenage romance.’  Well…hook-line-and-sinker, I am a total vampire fan.  I love Edward and Bella.

Literally, I sunk my teeth into all four books.  DONE.  Once again, I lost a lot of sleep.  My house is in disarray.  And I have avoided some necessary work.

I am pleading…please do not suggest anymore series that I am going to sink my teeth into.  I need sleep.

Maybe I was giving off some ‘vampire vibes’ today because Emerson appeared at my side as I was trying to finish up the final few chapters with these…


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