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thirteen years

Posed Tango

We hit thirteen years of marriage today!  And, wouldn’t you know it, we both forgot.  Thank goodness for joint absent-mindedness.   I am not offended in the least…remember I got my weekend of peace.  The aura is still wavering over my head.

As we were trying to take care of a major poop accident and install a new bike seat this morning, we reminded ourselves of our ‘pure bliss.’  HA!   Then I ran out the door to work and he headed to the airport.  I think we have actually spent more anniversaries apart then together.  Our anniversary seems to typically fall during annual training for the military. 

In any case, Tim still does it for me.  He has grown into a fine man…one that I am very proud to know.  But he didn’t truly find his calling until he became a father.  He might be able to fly helicopters well.  He might be able to proactively manage our finances and protect our assets.  He might be able to manage P&L with his company.  And he did bring 140 soldiers home from Iraq unharmed.  But he doesn’t do any of those things nearly as well as he does just being a dad.  To watch him in action is really a marvel. 

I am not sure when we exchanged vows, I gave his fathering techniques much thought.  I was self-serving by nature…I just like the way he loved me.  So despite another anniversary apart, I just want to say…

Happy Anniversary, Bud!

P.S.  This used to be my screensaver about ten years ago! 

all wedding photos

All images created by Andrew Collings Photography

her party

We seldom get out.  Even more rare that we get out without kids.  Next to impossible that we get out without kids, with Nate and Helena.  And never to a HOT party!

But last night the stars were aligned in more ways than one, as you can see below.  Because we had photographed Alex Lloyd being sponsored by her Energy drink, we were invited to their exclusive ‘coming out’ party.  We had so much fun, admittedly acted a little goofy, and indulged in too much her mixed with Vodka.  Nate got mistaken for Alex on four different occasions as they were both sporting pink shirts and ties.  You got to love a man that is bold enough to wear pink.

Toward the end of the night, Nate and Tim finally got the moxy to ask Gilles (our favorite celebrity from Dancing with the Stars) for a picture. And, Helena and I couldn’t resist capping the night with some posed photos in front of the media backdrop.  Notice the hot poses…we have been reading our People magazine.

If you are heading to the race or watching on TV, make sure to cheer on Alex and the her team!  You cannot miss that hot pink car.



I am a fan of good linens.  Despite the fact that my husband thinks making a bed is a waste of time and he dislikes the multitude of pillows that adorn our queen size, I like snuggling into soft sheets.   I equally like reaching for a clean, correctly-folded, not-too-thick, not-too-oversized bath towel.  Do I sound anal?

But I have been noticing that our towels are getting frayed at the ends and the terry cloth has been worn thin.  It reminded me of how excited I was to get these towels as gifts when we were married.  I loved opening that gift.  It seemed like such a traditional step toward marriage…new towels.  Up until that point, I had the few towels I stole from home and a few that I somehow ended up with after living with six other women in college.

Our local grocery store is having a towel sale.  For every dollar spent, you obtain a towel stamp.  Clearly with six mouths to feed our grocery bill is substantial.  I am sure I could have an entire new set by now.  But somehow I just cannot part with those first marriage towels yet.  They may be worn but not too worn.  They may be a slightly tattered but not too tattered.  Surely we can get another few years out of them.

Our towels are like a symbol of our marriage…they are too good to replace, and while maybe a little worn in certain areas, feel great at the beginning of each day.