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a mother’s day scare

I think I am fairly easy to please.  Tim may think otherwise.  But I definitely wouldn’t categorize myself as high maintenance.  (I KNOW I AM SO FAR BEHIND IN POSTS WITH THE FOLLOWING.  I AM DETERMINED TO CATCH UP THIS WEEK!) On Mother’s Day, the only thing I really wanted to do was rent a six-seater […]



I nearly killed Nate and Helena’s cat.  Seriously.  I have never felt worse. I dropped them off at the airport for their trip to Sweden.  Rushed home for a series of conference calls.  I randomly parked in the driveway instead of the garage.  Ran into the house completely oblivious to the fact that a live […]


feels so good

When we made our initial donation to Our Military Kids, we hoped the money would find its way quickly to the children of deployed parents.  We were pleasantly surprised that within two weeks we received postcards from the two girls below. What an awesome feeling! Five-year old Matty wrote to thank us for paying for […]