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three birthdays

Three special people share July 7th as their birthday…Emerson, Campbell, and Aunt Nine.  The twins are FOUR which is hard to believe.  And, one…we will always remember.


happy fourth

About once a year I feel compelled to post ANOTHER pet peeve.  I think it is a sign of aging. This one has itched me like sand inbetween my toes for awhile but irritated me even more given the Fourth of July holiday. During our trip to the Madison Regatta (gotta Regatta!), I took the […]


spa stoner

Bobbi Brown should seriously take my advice and have a secondary offering for her makeup brushes.  Our boys love their faces rubbed so much that we got them each a small (non-Bobbi Brown set) for Christmas.  But now I have created spa-like monsters.  And, it has just elongated the already long bedtime process.  What makes […]


creative minds

Remember being bored in the summer?  Oh…it makes me long for childhood.  I cannot remember the last time I used the word bored to describe my feelings. So, it is with no great surprise that I have heard on a few occasions that the children are bored. But I love how their creative minds work. […]


inappropriate magazine

I appreciate having a job that allows flexibility.  I like being home as Briggs walks off of the school bus.  In fact, I have heard from other mothers that it is even more important as they grow older. So, toward the end of the school year, Briggs entered the front door looking extremely upset.  His […]


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