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I love the feeling of slipping into a clean, well-made bed at night.  I love multiple pillows, if only for decoration.  I love thick mattress pads.  I like duvet covers and soft blankets. However spoiling it might seem, every child has a very comfortable bed, in my opinion.  Their sheets are soft.  They have thick […]


never a dull moment

Some things remain constant in this house.  Mainly, the constant activity…its never quiet.  If it is, something is fishy…as in wrong.    +  It may seem completely ironic but our CAT got caught in one of our MOUSE traps yesterday.  I figure it is either one dumb cat or one smart mouse.  Thankfully Emerson heard Izzy shuffling […]


holidays in review

I love the holidays.  I love getting out the Christmas decorations.   And, I treasure listening to Christmas carols the entire month of December.   I just keep the iPod on shuffle. Sure enough though, when January 1st rolls around, I am ready to get everything back to normal.  The sound of peace in the […]