simple thanks

I was inspired by three distinct declarations of thanks over the past 24 hours.

The first came from my dearest friend, Stacy.  Among the most lively and interesting book club meetings, she expressed her gratitude for not our friendship but the pull that it had to finally incent her to make a life decision…moving to Indianapolis.  It was a thanks I certainly didn’t need or expect.  I am profoundly proud of my uber-independent, successful, and passionate friend.  I am confident she made the best decision of her life.

The next thanks came late at night from my husband who is once again miles away with the military.  He
simply said, “Thanks for taking such great care of our kids.”  I appreciated it because mothers don’t get thanked enough and it was very thoughtful of him to recognize my ‘role’.  At the same time, it occurred to me that I could be a lot better mother than I am.  I could stop trying to juggle too many balls at once.  I could learn how to say no when the requests take away from my family.  I could play more ring-around-the rosey and duck-duck-goose.  I could spend the time reading “just one more book” as requested each night.

Finally, after a late-night trip to the ER with our oldest son, Briggs, he said to me, “Thanks for taking care of my when I am sick.”  Now this is the thanks that melted my heart.  I will hang on to this one for awhile.  It was simple and raw and perfect.

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  1. Allison Says:

    What a simple thank you means….
    Also hope that Briggs is ok!

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