We took the girls for a walk last night. A horse farm with three old horses isn’t but a 1/4 of a mile away. Emerson on her Razor and Tim on his Ripstick, led the way. Campbell attempted to keep up on her tricycle while I walked along. We jointly agreed that we need to do a family walk every night. We’ll see…

As we got to the white fence that surrounds the horses, the girls yelled out, “Look at all the wishers.” It is happening less often, but Tim and I were both in ‘translation-mode’ trying to figure out what they were talking about. Emerson exclaimed almost in Disney-animation, “Whatever you wish in your heart will come true.”

And then…it hit us. We looked out on this beautiful field and saw dandlelions (at the stage where you blow them). Most of us would cringe to see our yards full of these infested weeds but to the girls…they were gazing on a field of WISHERS!

2 Responses to “wishers”

  1. Betsy Roeder Says:

    So cute… You’ll be happy someday that you wrote that down, “wishers”.

  2. Katie Riggs Says:

    Love this! That’s what Riley calls them too. She blows them and says “I wish I love my mommy” and “I wish I love my daddy”. Pretty funny.

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