our carolina wren

Two weeks ago, I had a completely blonde moment. And it seems I have these moments always in the presence of or on the phone with our friend, Mike (aka Jacques). Not sure why that is but he surely has to think of me as nothing short of dingy.

In any case, Mike and I are on the phone talking biz. It was a beautiful Spring Day so I had opened all of the doors and windows. Several minutes into our conversation, I hear a bird flutter by. Now why I reacted with such fierce nervousness, I am unsure. You would have thought a Pterodactyl flew through our house.

I had no clue how to lure this tiny bird out but with little effort, she was flying in open air within minutes.

Fast forward to today and it all makes sense.

We found the home to The Carolina Wren that has now flown into our house twice and appears to be living in our garage. She has three eggs nestled into a perfectly built nest in Tim’s motorcycle helmet.

As Tim was leaving to pick-up a Harley Davidson Fat Boy Lo (which I can only guess is the beginning of a mid-life crisis or a late 40th birthday present to himself), it was the first time I can recall suggesting he go without a helmet. You absolutley cannot take away a mama bird’s babies…

The kids will be so excited to observe this feature of nature right in our garage!

6 Responses to “our carolina wren”

  1. Father Rowe Says:

    Let the birds have your motorcycle helmet. As an ex-Harley rider, I wouldn’t have been caught wearing it, even dead. In fact, I was well known for wearing only shorts, a T-shirt, and flip-flops.

  2. tiffany Says:

    That comment defines my father to a TEE!

  3. Father Rowe Says:

    There was another side of me. Several times I rode to some of Chicago’s great restaurants, in a Brooks Brothers suit. The valet attendants were in awe.

  4. sara Says:

    Perhaps she isn’t the Carolina Wren, but the “Caroline” Wren. And in that case, it ALL makes sense!!!

  5. Tiffany Says:

    Believe me…it was my first thought!

  6. Julie Wolfschlag NIezer Says:

    Saw on facebook that Tim had a motorcycle accident…I couldn’t comment because you and I aren’t “technically” friends on there…Just hope he had his helmet on this ride…thinking about you guys and sending good thoughts your way. Hopefully, his guardian angel…JP…was watching out for him. Hope to see you guys at the Peigh It Forward golf outing this summer! Julie

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