tea party

Spring is in the air…and summer is just around the corner.  We are all growing excited.  No more getting up early.  No more packing lunches.  Hopefully, no more early morning yelling (we’ll see about that!). 

I setup a tea party for the girls because it was perfect outdoors, and my friend wanted to get some pictures of the new Stella & Dot jewlery for girls.  My frustration grew because within minutes the sweet setting I had created was a disaster. 

What is it with my girls (and their cousin, Elin)?  How did I get destructive girls!?!  Is it just there is more than one?  Will this end?  Will I someday be thankful because they will not let anyone push them around and will speak up for their beliefs?  Calgon, take me away!


4 Responses to “tea party”

  1. Marti Escalante Says:

    LOVE the pictures! That is an adorable tea set! Where did you get it??? I think my Mia needs that! 🙂

  2. Tiffany Says:

    The tea set was my grandmother’s. I used to play tea with my grandfather. He called me Miss Tame.

  3. Helena Says:

    Destructive – Yes, but they are beautiful!

  4. Susan Sedita-Parker Says:

    well you’d never know they were all so destructive by those beautiful faces!

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