running buddy

I have often wondered once I had sons what connection or activity we were going to have.  I will play swords and wrestle but that will only last for so long.  I think and hope I found my connection with Briggs.

Briggs has become quite interested in running (although the kid still has a major lazy streak).  So, I am pushing him to continue to run outside of his participation in Running Club.  He ran the distance of a marathon over several weeks in his Club. 

He and I ran our first official race together.  I definitely had more fun than he did but it gives me great hope that we can continue to do this together.

He was actually quite surprised though after he challenged me to a race along a city block on Mother’s Day.  I didn’t hold back.  I kicked his scrawny butt. 

BTW – Don’t look closely at my crow’s feet or roots!  Ugh…aging is a bitch.

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