country escape

When my cousin, Suzy, left today I was a flood of emotion.  We reminisced about Nine (her mother and my aunt) throughout her stay.  While I believe Suzy enjoyed herself, I am confident she was not ready for the noise-level my home can produce given her recent and tragic loss.  She is still sadly lost without this incredible woman.

As Suzy’s car pulled away, I was thrown back to the days leading up to Nine’s death.  I have gone over these days repeatedly.  Lost sleep over it.  Did I miss something?  If I would have known she was not feeling well, would I have insisted she go to the hospital?  Did she avoid telling me because she was the most gracious hostess?  Did she hide any symptoms because she didn’t want to inconvenience our trip or worry us?  And the worst thought…did the Stoner Six provide even more stress to her in the remaining few days of her life?

It definitely does no use playing the ‘What If’ game.  At the end of THIS day, I am thankful for Suzy’s visit.  She is one person who can make my abs hurt from laughing so hard with her dry and quick humor.

But I was thankful also to escape to the country with my clan.  Our house may be loud, it may be full of activity, but we have exactly what we wished for when Tim and I exchanged vows…four kids.  They didn’t come easily to us.  The last three came a bit too close together but we are blessed.

Here are some images of us today.  The first image of us since Tim returned home from his deployment!

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