motorcycle accident

We are considering ourselves blessed after a terrible motorcycle accident Tim had on Saturday night.

According to the riders he was with, they were expecting to find him dead after witnessing the accident.  According to the doctors, they rarely see cyclists walk away with only a few broken bones, no head injury, and no road rash.  While he was not wearing his helmet (he has been counseled by nearly everyone), the remainder of his body was well protected.  Broken bones will heal.

It isn’t the only time we have found ourselves grateful for Tim’s military training.  For three weeks in Airborne School, he was trained on how to fall from a variety of positions and heights while causing the least bodily injury as possible.

Perhaps some of the training saved his life.  Perhaps he has nine lives, as many have indicated.  Perhaps he has strong guardian angels.  Perhaps he was just lucky. Perhaps he has a greater purpose.

Whatever the reason, we are glad he is still able to sit at the dinner table for our nightly ritual of happy-mad-sad. You can guess with certainty what the kids cited as their ‘happy.’

There has been a lot of discussion about Tim’s accident amongst the kids this week.  My favorite conversation between Campbell and Gage was the following on the way to school…

“I know why the doctors had to keep asking Daddy the same questions in the hospital.  To make sure his head wasn’t juggled,” explained Gage.

“You mean his brain scrambled,” exclaimed, always loudly, Campbell.

The term FamilyPrint becomes ever more real to us this week.  As we have described time and time again, like a fingerprint, no family is alike.  No family is ever the same with one member missing.

We deeply appreciate the support, kinds words, and prayers that everyone has generously given.

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