feels so good

When we made our initial donation to Our Military Kids, we hoped the money would find its way quickly to the children of deployed parents.  We were pleasantly surprised that within two weeks we received postcards from the two girls below. What an awesome feeling!

Five-year old Matty wrote to thank us for paying for her ballet class.  She wrote, “It is fun!”

Another postcard came in the mail just days later but from a young girl named Amanda. It read, “Your donation has allowed me to participate in a girl scout summer camp. I love water. It gives me a chance to swim, canoe, kayak and do the water trampoline.”

And from a girl named, Samantha, “Thank you for the money you have sent me. I am really excited about this! I have never really been a sports person so it was a shock that I like Karate! OUt of all other sports! Thank you!”

We figured the thank you should be extended to all those that support FamilyPrint. Even a little change can make a big impact.

On another exciting note…the book will be carried in the Indianapolis Costco warehouses starting the first week of July.  Look also for the writeup in the upcoming Costco Connection.  We will be doing book signings locally in August.  Things are happening…slowly but surely.

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