I nearly killed Nate and Helena’s cat.  Seriously.  I have never felt worse.

I dropped them off at the airport for their trip to Sweden.  Rushed home for a series of conference calls.  I randomly parked in the driveway instead of the garage.  Ran into the house completely oblivious to the fact that a live animal was caged in my van.

To my horror, hours later I realized the cat was still in the car which by that time more resembled a sauna.

Luckily, Tim had opened the doors to the van earlier so it wouldn’t be ‘too hot’ when I left.  He had no idea Pumpa was in the van when he opened the doors.

When I reached her she was in terrible shape.  She had soiled herself and was soaking wet.  We quickly hosed her down with cool water.  Tried getting her to drink.

Ironically, we attended the Zoobilation charity event for the Indianapolis Zoo that night.  Here I was going to celebrate caring for animals and I nearly killed one.

The vet was gentle with me (and Pumpa) after rushing her in.  She promised to watch over her throughout the night.

Thankfully, Pumpa was fine.  She showed little signs of being overheated.  Her responses were good.

One again…Tim saved the day!  He has such a unique sense.  I am not sure what it is but he always comes to the rescue.

So…Nate and Helena…have a great trip.  Pumpa is alive and well.  Beware though…we are spoiling her with GREAT food.

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