inappropriate magazine

I appreciate having a job that allows flexibility.  I like being home as Briggs walks off of the school bus.  In fact, I have heard from other mothers that it is even more important as they grow older.

So, toward the end of the school year, Briggs entered the front door looking extremely upset.  His comment, “I had the worst day EVER!” started a series of machine-gun questions from me.  Were you teased?  Did you get a bad grade?  Are you sick?

Soon I learned that a friend of Briggs had brought an ‘inappropriate magazine’ on the bus.  Our dearest bus driver, Janet, who probably has cyborg eyes quickly figured it out and delivered a swift disciplinary action.   Briggs promised he hadn’t looked at the magazine.  Yeah, right!

Well, my curiosity started to grow.  I know this young boy’s parents quite well.   I am having visions of nasty magazines with gnarly names.

My next question to Briggs was, “What was the magazine called?”

His response nearly made me swallow my tongue in laughter.  I had to stay composed after he said, “Mom, it was an inappropriate girls magazine.  It was called Victoria’s Secret.”

When Tim returned home from work that evening we repeated the happenings.

His response isn’t all that surprising.  “Hey…those women are beautiful.  In fact, they’re hot!  And if you want to look at the magazine your mom gets it in the mail.  But you got to play by the rules of the school.  You cannot take that kind of stuff on the bus.”

I guess it is beginning.  Our oldest son is growing up.

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