creative minds

Remember being bored in the summer?  Oh…it makes me long for childhood.  I cannot remember the last time I used the word bored to describe my feelings.

So, it is with no great surprise that I have heard on a few occasions that the children are bored.

But I love how their creative minds work.

Our four children, along with the other 3-4 that are typically hanging around the house, developed a game called TWILIGHT last week.  Now, Twilight is like music to my ears.  I couldn’t wait to hear more.

Each person playing was a character from the Twilight saga.

BRIGGS = Edward
GAGE = Jacob
EMERSON = Rosalie
WILL = Emmitt
PARKER = Jasper
JACK = Sam

The objective was to hide Bella either from the vampires or the werewolves.  Whoever found her won.  Furthermore, they each used their special powers during the search.

It was brilliant.

Oh…to be a kid again.

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