happy fourth

About once a year I feel compelled to post ANOTHER pet peeve.  I think it is a sign of aging.

This one has itched me like sand inbetween my toes for awhile but irritated me even more given the Fourth of July holiday.

During our trip to the Madison Regatta (gotta Regatta!), I took the opportunity to run the annual 10K from the hilltop to the picturesque downtown.  It was a great run.  It is worth doing just for the scenery.

Like most sporting events, it began with “The Star Spangled Banner.”  Herein lies my pet peeve.

When did we stop signing along?  And more importantly, when did we stop putting our hands over our hearts?

I know my Aunt Caroline would belt out a tune anytime the opportunity arose but shouldn’t this be a requirement for all Americans?  Are we so lazy or self-conscious that we no longer sing along to the tune that symbolizes our freedom?

For goodness sakes, place your hand over your heart and sing boldly…especially today.

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  1. tim Says:

    Go get ’em Bud! Agreed!

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