a sound so sweet

I never would have guessed that the swoosh-swoosh-swoosh noise of my washing machine would be a sound so sweet.  But after nearly six weeks without a working washing machine, there could be nothing better.

On June 3rd, our house got a direct hit from lightning (the second time in five years…I hope the third time is NOT the charm).  It zapped everything from our telephone system to water softener.  It zapped appliances and computer equipment.  It zapped our garage door opener, air conditioner, electrical outlets, televisions, irrigation system, etc. The list goes on endlessly.  We are obviously still very much in recovery mode.

I typically dread my daily chore of laundry.  I have four kids and two adults that accumulate a considerable amount of wash.  So…we have been practicing more conservation techniques as a result.  Pool towels just get rained on and dry out.  Pajamas are worn multiple nights.  Security blankies are just plain dirty at this point…one even has tire marks on it…I cannot even recall from what.  Thank goodness we are not in the midst of a season of layers and warm clothing with t-shirts and shorts being the daily uniform.  At least I can now blame my children running around without clothes on my conservation strategy.

All humor aside, I would like to sincerely thank the following people for managing the Stoner Six wash over the past few weeks:   Mom, Tiffany Dunbar, Stacy Meyer, Amie Cramer, Susan Hyten, Judy Pugh, and Cathy Rood.  Sorry it it smelled!

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