little man

Gage.  I love that kid.

I sometimes get sad thinking about him.

He is growing up so quickly.  His time as my baby was so short-lived with the twins arriving twenty months after he was born.

He acts like a big kid.  He hangs out with the big kids.  He connects dots far beyond his age.  He just gets things.  Yet, he just melts in my arms whenever I give them out.

He is the one we spend the most time putting to bed.  It is like Gage time.  He always gets a book.  He always gets rubbed.  And, Tim dozes into dreamland with him nearly every night.  Maybe Tim and I both have a need to make up for lost-baby-time with him.

Like a second child, he hasn’t had the major exposure to the camera like Briggs did for every sporting event.  So, I made it a point to catch a few shots of him before the T-Ball season ended.

Gage.  I love that kid.

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  1. elizabeth Says:

    He looks so much like your Dad!

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