summer 2010

It is definitely summertime!

My house is dirtier.  As a whole, we go through even more bulk food than I care to admit.  There is a neverending need for playdates.  Getting the children to bed before 10pm when it is still daylight is impossible.  The fighting has significantly increased.  Our driveway looks like a trailer park littered with scooters, bikes, towels, and sandals. And, bathing has all been forgotten considering there is a daily visit to the pool.  Chlorine is as good as soap, right?

But we have definitely had some HIGHS!

+ Trip to a wolf and coyote sanctuary
+ Two Indians games at Victory Field
+ Annual visit to the Madison Regatta
+ Dwight Freeney Football Camp
+ Princess Camp
+ Zoobilation
+ Tennis, Swim Team and Golf
+ Trip to the Indianapolis Zoo to see the new cheetahs
+ A country fair
+ Waterpark
+ Symphony on the Prairie
+ Girls Day only to see the Cinderella play
+ The Velveteen Rabbit play
+ The High School Musical at the dinner theater
+ Visit from AUNT Audrey
+ Visit from a college friend and her family
+ Visit from COUSIN Mina
+ Grandma’s new kitten…CHARLIE
+ Snowcones, face painting, watermelon, rope swinging and MORE

There has been no shortage of fun.

Note:  Nearly every picture was taken with my iPhone.

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