fourteen years

FOURTEEN YEARS. A fabulous wedding in Chicago. A surprise Tango. Relaxing honeymoon in Aruba and Curacao. Lots of Cuban cigars. Scooter for TWO. Wow…Tiffany has a SISTER! Lots of friends getting married. Coast-to-coast travel through the week with Andersen Consulting. Valentine’s in Montreal. FOURTEEN YEARS. Swimming with dolphins in the Gulf. Surrogate mother, Ann Sedita, passes away unexpectantly. Relocation to Alabama. Age waiver to attend Flight School. Dad gets a patent on a kite system…Cloud Catcher Kites. Blissful month in Italy and Greece. B&B in Amish country. College roommate trip to Northern Michigan. Christmas in Puerto Vallarta. Business trip to Bermuda. How about that gig? Built our first piece of furniture together. Bought our first car. FOURTEEN YEARS. Got knocked up in New Orleans. Ten-year high school reunion. Moved to Indy and bought our first home. Lost our niece, Lindsey, after a tragic accident. Beloved Aunt LouAnn loses her battle with brain cancer. College roommate vacation to Tucson. Ran the mini-marathon together. FOURTEEN YEARS. Millenium Bash. Learn to paint. Tim transitions from Andersen to marchFirst. Briggs Alexander was born. Realized we both have varied opinions on how to handle a baby. Time for a second car. FOURTEEN YEARS. Adopt a part-time work schedule. Start a dinner club. Las Vegas Venetian-style. Travel across the country to Kuaui with Briggs. Business in London. Blackhawk transition school. Learning about landscaping and home maintenance. FOURTEEN YEARS. Tiffany’s father in another bicycle accident leaving him with his second major head trauma. Month in Chicago. Grandma Lena passes away. Hosted lots and lots of visitors. More Christmases in Chagrin Falls. Nathan relocated to Indy. We have a roommate. September 11th…we will never forget. FOURTEEN YEARS. Tim awarded Meritorious Service Medal. Ely, Minnesota for family vacation. Nestled into the Gaige House Inn in Sonoma Valley. Wine. Briggs was ring bearer in Betsy’s wedding. Ball State Homecoming. First cruise to Key West and Cozumel with friends. Three-day, 60-mile walk for Breast Cancer. Helena moves to Indy. FOURTEEN YEARS. Tim takes command of Blackhawk unit. Mark and Terry finally married! Nate and Helena engaged! Tim’s college roommate, Mike Troyer, dies suddenly. Unbelievable. Launch Nathaniel Edmunds Photography. First miscarriage. FOURTEEN YEARS. Pending deployment to Bosnia. Shooting up with hormones multiple times daily. Off to the land of Disney. Visit Stacy in San Francisco. Swimming with sting rays in Grand Cayman. Miscarriage #2. More hormones, IVF treatments, and pure joy while my body gets poked and prodded on a daily basis. FOURTEEN YEARS. Confident we will be parents again just taking a LONG time. Puerto Vallarta with parents. Throw a shoe across the kitchen…can you say hormone surge? Getaway weekend with Mark and Terry to Whitestone B&B. FOURTEEN YEARS. WOW…pregnant. Travel to Sweden for Nate and Helena’s amazing, incredible wedding. Gage DeWitt is born. Amazingly blessed. Soccer. Mom and Bill move to Indianapolis. Dad moves to Indianapolis. Seeing a trend here. Pant our house. FOURTEEN YEARS. Kindergarten. Tim’s mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. She moves in for treatment in Indy. Finish basement. Woah…Mom turns 60! Holy crap…pregnant with twin girls. Phyllis loses her battle with cancer after it spreads to her brain. Wow…Nate and Helena are pregnant too! Emerson Adelaide and Campbell Sinclair are born. We are done. Sleep deprived. FOURTEEN YEARS. Elin is born! Grandpa Gordon turns 90. Start to prepare for pending deployment with a lot of Army training. Baptized as a family. ‘Letters from Tim’ blog…the start of something that will forever have an enormous impact on our lives. Year+ deployment to Iraq. Flag football. Overwhelmed by neighbors, community and family support. NYC with just Briggs. Striving for peace in the household. Great Wolfe Lodge. Our travel has changed. FOURTEEN YEARS. MAJOR Stoner. Best joke around. Safe return with all soldiers unharmed. Threw the stats out the window. Tim awarded Bronze Star. Great runs along the coast in Maui. Reintegrating as a family. Not easy. Trip to the East Coast interrupted suddenly by the tragic death of Aunt Nine. Will never forget her. FOURTEEN YEARS. Move Grandpa Gordon to Indianapolis. Here four months and then passes. Devastated. Puerto Vallarta with the whole crew. Stacy’s Friendship Ball. Gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, Soccer, etc. Axel is born! FOURTEEN YEARS. Tim named IBJ’s Forty Under Forty. Extended family trip to Tennessee. Tim’s best friend, Joel Peigh, loses his short battle with cancer. Tim is FORTY! Best trip ever to Napa Valley. FOURTEEN YEARS. Montessori. Twenty-year high school reunion. We are the Stoner Six. Publish FamilyPrint. Decide to start a nonprofit of the same name. Need to give back. Mickey Mouse Land with our clan. New role for Tim at Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Motorcycle accident. Completely living the dream. FOURTEEN YEARS.

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  1. Jamie Simpson Says:

    What a wonderful life! Congratulations Tiffany and Tim!

  2. Jamie Says:

    How is it possible it’s 14 years! Congrats years of “seeing eye to eye”.

  3. Susan Sedita-Parker Says:

    love it and love you all!

  4. Beth Olson Says:

    Love, love, love this!
    Happy Anniversary! Great job!

  5. Jess Strickland Says:

    LOVE this…such a special way to remember every year…makes me want to start my own list for Mark and I’s marriage and life together.

    Happy 14 Years! 🙂

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