Here are the signs I now recognize as Autumn:

1) Tim’s SHIRT appears.  It isn’t any old shirt.  It is THE shirt.  My mother gave him this SHIRT for Christmas I believe the first year we were dating or at least the first year he celebrated the holiday with my family.  That means the SHIRT is over 16 years old.  He wears it every weekend.  I can count on the SHIRT to be on his back every road trip.  And if I tried hard enough, I probably could find a picture of him in the SHIRT every year since the early-90s. 

2) Once it gets colder and we are inside more frequently, I get the itch to move furniture around.  I ponder at my rooms each day considering the endless possiblities.  It is like a monkey on my back.  What innovative ways can I create in order to make me feel like I am living in my home yet with a fresh perspective.

3)  The noise-level increases to extraordinary levels.  I seriously am going to pull my already thinning hair out if the decibels don’t decrease.  I now appreciate what open air and a large backyard can provide…a buffer!  I just relegated Briggs, Gage, and the neighborhood chums to the basement…thank goodness.

4)  Soup.  Once the wind chills, there seems to be nothing better than a hot bowl of soup.  I perfected my cream of mushroom soup this past weekend.  When my grandfather explained that his rehab prepared what he rated the best cream of mushroom soup he has ever tasted…I was motivated to blow it away.  I think I succeeded.  Interested in my recipe…give me a shout!

5)  Flannel sheets.  I think it may be time to break out the warm cotton.

6) Early morning runs in the dark.  My neighborhood running buddies and I are now wearing our reflective gear for what I can only assume is a long winter of cold, dark mornings.

6 Responses to “signs”

  1. Allison Says:

    I would love the mushroom soup recipe…just made veggie soup for dinner tonight!
    I LOVE fall!

  2. Betsy Roeder Says:

    Is the SHIRT the one in the picture below at the farm?

  3. tiffany Says:


  4. TRowe Family Says:

    Send the recipe in your spare time.



  5. Tim Says:

    I love that SHIRT, and I love the great job you do with the family blog!

  6. Heather Says:

    That shirt looks in pretty good shape from the pictures, considering its age. I know I’m impressed!

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