little package

There are moments that stick with people that they will never forget and never regret.

Here is one of mine.  My grandfather turning to me in the hospital at his bedside, reaching for my hand, and then looking deep into my eyes.  Not just the regular-old eye contact.  I mean the kind where time kind of stands still.  He said with as much voice as he could muster, “I love you so much.  You are tender and sweet.  I have lived such a blessed life.  I am a lucky man.” 

Now those are words I have carefully packaged up to keep forever for if I make it to 92, surely I will have lived a fulfilled life.  I hope that I will be as blessed as my grandfather has been with loving people at my side acting on behalf of my best interests.  I hope that someday I will be able to gently glide into my next life with a sense of peace.  I am hoping this for him.  

There isn’t a single moment of extra time lately.  Seriously, none.  We have made daily pilgrimmages to the hospital since Monday, September 29th to care for my grandfather.  But the “little package” he gave me I will forever be grateful for…he is so worth it.

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