a girl and an imaginary girl

My favorite exchange between the Briggs and Gage came after the Middle School Open House. 

Briggs has had a crush on one girl, in particular, for a few years. **For the sake of anonymity, her name has been changed below.** As we passed Arielle in the hall, I gave her a happy hello.  Briggs was unable to utter a word. 

He proceeded to tell me how embarassing I was at which point I explained he likely had the coolest mom in the entire fifth grade!  That was when I tripped…not only embarassing him more but realizing I may just think I am cool.

**Skip forward several hours.**

Briggs tends to divulge a lot of his feelings, and ask important questions at bedtime.  Like a computer, he is in his ‘shutdown’ process. 

Here was the exchange.

So, Mom…how do I tell Arielle I like her?

Well, until you learn how to say ‘Hi’ to her, I wouldn’t worry about telling her you like her.  How about just starting off with something simple, such as “How was your summer?” or “Who is your homeroom teacher?”  or “Are you playing soccer this Fall?”

I am not sure what I would say.

You are in fifth grade.  Why not just stick to being friends?

Gage <interjects with teasing>:
Briggs can’t tell Arielle he likes her!

Briggs <in the funniest comeback tone I have witnessed>:
Seriously, Gage.  You have an imaginary girlfriend named TreeTop.  I don’t think you should be teasing me.

And so it begins.  Middle School.  Girls.  Attitude.

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