long time

It has been awhile.  It is both deliberate and a sign of just how busy things have gotten.

However, I honestly have hesitated to write for several weeks.  I have always promised myself that I wouldn’t write unless it was purely honest.  Afterall, one of the main purposes of  my blogging is therapy through creative writing. 

So when I received the following comment on the blog about my parenting skills, or lack thereof, I immediately took offense to it.  Gloria wrote, “If you crazy and kooky women didn’t spend so much time on the Internet bragging about your tiny little nest (big whoop, no one really cares that much about you), you would have MORE TIME to be decent mothers and raise your children properly, so they didn’t get into so much mischief. It’s called MORE time on, and LESS time off.”

To give Gloria some credit, there is some validity to her comment if she just read a few posts.  However, there are also a few things she doesn’t quite grasp.

1) With my advancing age and constant multi-tasking, my brain doesn’t work like a computer where I can pull up a file to recall every event.  I realize that my children are growing quickly. I want to remember all of the funny, quirky, and loving comments and events with my children.  And, unless I write about them, they will all fade with time.  In fact, I didn’t even recall the event I had written over a year ago until Gloria commented on it.  That goes to show you…even when I write about it, I forget.

2) This is a personal blog on a public domain.  But I have never forced anyone to read it.  The purpose of it is to record our lives.  It is entirely self-indulgent.  While I certainly could gloss-over my daily life, I rarely make it a point to brag. I In fact, if anything I share the not-so-pleasant experiences that we have weaved into a comical situation to reflect upon. I am all about the good-the bad-and-the ugly. 

3)  My kids are mischievous. I live with the results of it everyday. But  they are also bold, confident, and creative.  I would rather have them exploring and discovering (and that is describing it nicely) than sitting in a quiet corner.  I just ain’t the kind of mom that is going to produce wall flowers.

What I didn’t realize initially about Gloria’s comment, or perhaps is just hard to admit, is this…

As a working mom, I juggle it with my kids a lot.  I have the benefit of working from home.  However, my work is always looming in the front office, hovering over me like a dark cloud.   So I find myself working a great deal even when my children are present.  I am honestly not always engaged with them.  I suggest they play together a lot.  I setup ‘school’ for them in my office to work along side me.  I even put them in front of the TV out of desperation on occasion. 

But I am home.  And for that I am grateful.  They may not have my undivided attention every moment but…I drop them off at school.  I pick them up at school or am waiting at home when the bus rounds the corner.  They leave with a hug and return with a hug. 

So Gloria (aka darkangel), you were honest enough to share your opinion with me.  Thank you.  You gave me something to consider.  However, I suggest you discontinue being a voyeur on my blog because I may just brag now and again.  I think I have FOUR extremely good reason to do so on occasion.  You may have silenced me temporarily but I’m back.

10 Responses to “long time”

  1. Cathy Jeffers Wilburn Says:

    Her comments are totally absurd! I”m sorry that you struggled with them, but am glad that you are back! Your kids are awesome…just like mine! You are amazing – I have always thought this about you! I am always surprised at what people are able to say to or about other people..especially other moms! Life is hard, and we need people lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down!

    Sending love and prayers your way!!

  2. Janice Says:

    I for one commend you for your honesty and open heart in your writing. I so look forward to your posts and the many smiles they bring me. You are a fabulous person, mom, and wife. So glad you are back, no matter what Miss Gloria has to say!!

  3. Molly Logan Anderson Says:

    Fab post sister. Perfect!

  4. Heather Says:

    I just want you to know that I consider you a role model. Really! Your ‘crazy and kooky’ stories make me laugh and inspire me to be a in-the-now parent. I know how hard it is to work when you have multiple children and I envy the fact that you can from home. (which is a blessing and a curse!) I think your blog just shows how ‘real’ you are. David and I both really look up to you and Tim…ya’ll are our rockstars! 😉

  5. Susan Sedita-Parker Says:

    tell gloria to suck it.

    stay gold.

  6. Katie Riggs Says:

    I’m with Susan!

  7. Kathy Says:

    Be bold and BRAVE. YOU are a wonderful full time Mom and artist. Continue to create and be creative. We LOVE you for it and your children do to!!!

  8. Marti Escalante Says:

    You are a much better person than I. I wouldn’t have been able to “reflect” on Gloria’s nonsense. I am so glad you are back. I had checked a couple of times for new entries and thought “HEY…did she switch to a new blog and leave me behind???” Glad you are back! I enjoy your “realness”……it makes me feel “normal” in my house of chaos! Keep on writing! Screw Gloria!

  9. D Says:

    There isn’t a day that I go to work where I won’t see a child that has been neglected or ignored. I come home and at least once a week the headline story on the news is that there has been a child abused, shaken or worse. That woman is a fool. Not only do you love them and provide them what they need but through your words you are saying to them, “I see you, I hear you, and you matter”. There is no greater gift.
    We have only met briefly but I hope your recognize that you have thrown a stone in a pond through your blog that has created more positive ripples that you can begin to imagine.

  10. sara b Says:

    who the F is Gloria???

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