a recent visit

A lot of excited yelling occurs in our house when the prism casts a rainbow across our kitchen floor.  “AUNT NINE IS HERE.  AUNT NINE IS HERE!”

It certainly has been an endearing way of keeping her spirit alive in all of us.  In fact, my Uncle Tom sends pictures now and then casting her rainbow in Boston.  But when I asked the kids tonight what they remembered about Aunt Nine it made me kind of sad.  Gage said, “She was funny.  She used to tickle me a lot.”  Campbell, who shares her birthday, said, “I remember when she died.”  I really cannot expect any more than that…she had just turned two.  But I do know that Nine would get a kick out of her.  She has got all her spunk and more.

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  1. Jll Shelley Says:

    Totally can see her spunk in that picture!

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