For a long time I have thought it quite possible…but there is no doubt debating it at this point.  If there was a time delayed video camera observing me today, it would be clear I am adult with a clear case of ADHD.

See, I suffer from my mother’s insatiable need to move furniture and rearrange my house every few months.  I just cannot live without change.

I started on the living and office space, meandered into the kitchen, all of a sudden found myself in the basement starting to find things I could move into the family room, skipped back to the office, until I was just going around in circles.  I finally got control.  I finished the office and the living room. My upstairs is now in total disarray.

Tim will once again return home from a business trip and find himself in a new home.  He won’t know where to find things.  But it looks cool.  I burned off some calories and I have satisfied my need for heavy lifting.

Thanks MOM for making me a freak!

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