Milestone | A significant stage or change in development.

I have learned that milestones for a parent are much more valuable, or maybe its more monumental, than the way we speak of milestones in corporate America.  I’ve been on both sides. 

As a parent, we have to somehow hold onto those milestones. Relish in the extraordinary change that they bring on. 

We’ve had a lot of milestones in the last few months that deserve some pause and reflection. And while I don’t intend to boast I do like to document for posterity sake.

The twins now can secure themselves in their seatbelts. May not sound big…but it is amazing how much time is has shaved off of the morning drop-off routine with just this one milestone! And with it not only comes the mechanical ability but the growing confidence of a young child. 

Staying home alone. However brief the times have been for Briggs, he has been empowered to be on his own. Armed with several detailed instructions he now feels like a veteran. He even has been “in charge” of a sibling!  It is what I would call glorious!!!

One milestone that Tim and I have benefited greatly from has been morning sleep. Our kids wake up in this order on weekends…Campbell, Briggs, Gage and Emerson.  Campbell will occupy herself now until Briggs wakes at which point he will take her downstairs for an easy breakfast.  It’s glorious. A few extra winks for us and more growing independence for our early risers. 

We now have a lawn boy. Equipped with safety goggles and close-toed shoes, Briggs has begun earning his keep. It may not be the best job but he gets it done.

And the pool…the pool this summer. Finally, there was no requirement to accompany a single child in the water. I could sit at the edge and observe them brave it on their own. Not yet completely accomplished swimmers, they enhanced their abilities amazingly well. Four glorious little fishes. 

My uncle years ago said just wait until  they can dress themselves! He was right. It is the simplest milestones that have made the greatest difference. Our milestones have not created millions of dollars in revenue but they have carried with them far greater value and cause for some quiet celebration.

P.S. I have written the last two posts on my iPhone from Mexico. I love technology. Pardon any glaring misspellings or grammatical errors.

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