Here is one mom that cheers and hollers everytime I get hand-me-downs!

I am not one to let a bin of old clothes pass by. I just keep on passing them down to friends and family with younger children. Because, really…how long do children actually wear the clothes before they grow out of them? And I can figure out a lot more things to spend my money on. We are blessed. Our closets are abundant.

The notion of hand-me-downs is even more prevalent with the first snow fall. In fact, we have too many options at this point. I get particular pleasure out of nothing matching too. Anyway, it is time for me to pass along some of the wealth that has been handed down. Anyone need a pair of snowpants?

Even though it was short-lived the kids had a great time playing in the snow this weekend. It makes me happy that we live somewhere we can enjoy all four seasons and then excitement each brings.

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