mom of the year – NOT

Well, I am definitely NOT going to win MOM OF THE YEAR for this one.

I was working late the other night (go figure!).  It is that time of the year when my hands start to shrink from the cold and my rings twist around uncomfortably.  So, I slipped the off and tucked them in my desk.

LESSON LEARNED:  Either don’t take off rings or keep one place in the house where they go and don’t deviate from it.

Two days later after I sent the girls off to Bible Study, I remembered I needed to put my rings back on.  I proceeded to my desk and found them GONE!  I screamed!  I immediately called the Bible Study teacher to have her check each purse the girls brought with them.  Because at four years old, they must carry a purse with their makeup and special things!

Nothing was found.  I screamed!

At this point, Gage had to be dropped off at school.  I heard him from the back of the van say as I was crying, “Mom, I didn’t even know you had diamonds.  And your cry sounds like a pig laughing.”  He must have thought I had a small bag of loose diamonds as if from Pirates of the Caribbean.

I arrive swiftly back at Bible Study.  Openly blame the girls for taking my jewelry, and proceed to take them back home.

LESSON LEARNED:  Don’t place blame in public.  You may have to eat your words.

Once we walk through the door, the girls are staying noticeably close to each other.  I ask them to take me to the place where they moved my jewelry.  They haphazardly state the rings must be in my closet or maybe Gage’s room or maybe in the bathroom…

My frustration reaches its peak.  I am crying explaining that these are my special things and they shouldn’t touch my special things.

I spank them.  Ugh…I even made them pull down their pants.  Ugh!!!

I call Tim.

LESSON LEARNED:  Call your husband first.

He is busy in a meeting but hears my frantic voice.  All he could say is, “I took them and put them in a safer place!”

So, I walk into the twins’ room with my tail between my legs.  Profusely apologize for blaming them.

I am emotionally drained for the remainder of the day while I try to make it up to them by baking muffins and getting out the holiday decorations.

LESSON LEARNED:  Even though they look guilty 99% of the time and even though they typically are guilty 99% of the time, sometimes they aren’t guilty.

I forwarded this video to Tim!

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  1. Molly Says:

    OMG – this goes in the record books! HILARIOUS and we’ve all been there! Great post!

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