Tim and I have discovered that home is where you make it. Many told us we were crazy to take our kids across the country on what we have named the ‘Insane Road Trip.’ And…we still may be. But there are a few things I know for certain…

1) If you want you children to see the world, you have to start sometime.

2) If you want your children to be flexible, you might as well take them out of their comfort-zone.

3) Home can be anywhere. Our kids already love the comfort of the van. After our daily excursions, they feel comforted crawling into their car seats and heading down the road for more adventure. If the kids have their blankies, they can sleep anywhere. We have two portable cribs and it is just as if they were in their regular cribs.

4) Our expectations were set so low on this trip that we are bound to be pleased.

5) While the kids are fighting (who didn’t fight with their siblings on a road trip?), it isn’t that bad…in fact, probably better than it is at home. I think they are actually having a lot of fun together.

We have graciously been hosted by Aunt Caroline and Uncle Wally, Grandpa, Uncle Dee and Joellen, and Todd and Jenny Tuttle along our journey. Thank you so much! Off to Sesame Place tomorrow.

2 Responses to “home is where you make it”

  1. mary Says:

    Yay for insane road trips with 4 kids! I LOVE THEM! Good for you…and nice for you all to be together again 🙂

  2. susan Says:

    We LOVE roadtrips!!!! I can’t think of a better way to bond with each other!!!!! We hope your next one is to St Louis to see us!!!!!

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