heartfelt feedback

“All people admire appreciate and respect anyone who can do something they cannot.  Especially if they wish they could.  The obvious heroes are athletes, musicians, entertainers and anyone else our media portrays to be extraordinary.  These people have talent or can work at becoming great.  People who sign up to become military personnel sign up in faith and commit to giving up everything about them to lead, follow and serve a purpose.

Tim is an amazing man to me.  His face and your family is what I see anytime military is heard or has to be imagined.  I attempted the military through USMC OCS and learned that I could not commit to it.  Because of my short experience, I have a barely better understanding than any common person of what that commitment means.  I admire the people who can.  I offer my thanks to anyone in uniform when I see them in passing for the commitment they have given, but it’s hard to thank a military service person.  It’s hard to approach anyone today extend your hand and just say “Thanks.”  I’ve done it.  There is uncertainty, awkwardness, confusion, silence.  I think most people that see military want to say thanks and then the moment is gone.

The organization you and Tim have created to help the families allows me a better way to give thanks for them.  You have created a way for people and me to offer thanks and support.  I hope yours becomes one of the biggest organizations of its kind.”  JASON G.

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