closet bed

I tried to imagine what was going through an acquaintance’s mind when my daughter, Emerson, told her she sleeps in the closet!  If it were my first child, I would have been mortified but I am seasoned enough to understand all children go through interesting stages.  Emerson happens to be going through the I-DON’T-LIKE-MY-BED-I-WANT-TO-SLEEP-IN-THE-CLOSET Stage.  So, I indulged her desires and setup a comfortable pallet in her…closet!

What I thought would last a night or two, transitioned into a week.  Then that week transitioned into several weeks!  She likes her ‘closet bed’ so much that she exclaimed, “I think we should give my bed away to another child that doesn’t have a bed!”

While I love her generosity, I have spent considerable effort making sure my children have comfortable beds in which they feel secure.

I am not sure what it is about the closet.  She goes against the grain of most children.  She actually prefers the doors be closed.  Does she like the cramped, closed in feeling?  Does she like the pitch black?  Or is just simpler than that…does it eliminate the sound of her snoring sister next to her?

Oh well…this stage shall pass too.


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