funny but weird

This must have been some promotion for GE (my grandfather was a lighting engineer for GE his entire life) but couldn’t they have hired a model instead of a mannequin?  I vividly remember this ‘lady’ taking residence in my grandparent’s home when I was a child.  He must have been the lucky one to take her home after the shoot. 

She always gave me the spooks but my grandmother’s basement was stuffed full of interesting items from floor to ceiling…a fireman’s nightmare, an arson’s dream, a child’s intrigue.  We came across this enormous poster recently and it brought about a lot of good humor, as you can imagine.


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  1. FatherDave Says:

    Come on now, no messages or responses to this? It has always been one of my favorites, and I have the original. It was taken in the early 60s and graced the entrance hall to his building. See

  2. TRowe Says:

    I have a copy in my office as well. Wonder if Dee has one? How did you scan it by the way?

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