long haul

We did it!  We drove to Captiva Island and back.  Let me tell ya’…that is a long haul!  Not only did we have a great time but the kids did a fantastic job along the way.  We equipped ourselves with every “I” possible…iTouch, iPad, iPhone…plus borrowed portable DVD players, books, crayons, markers, and movies.  But most importantly behind every successful road trip…THE BUCKET!!!  It may be gross but it works.

Captiva was a beautiful island that is 100 percent family-friendly.  There isn’t much to do other than go to the beach, collect sea shells, swim in the pool, and eat.  We enjoyed watching the kids be kids.

My favorite memory…skinny-dipping!  We rented a private home off of the beach with a screened in pool.  When we returned from the ocean the first day I told the kids to take their suits off and rinse in the outdoor shower before jumping in the pool.  They enjoyed being ‘free birds’ so much that they didn’t wear swimsuits in the pool for the rest of the week.  I hope they don’t getting any crazy ideas at the public pool this summer.

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