st. patrick’s day

I was feeling not only overwhelmed after a long week but guilty that I hadn’t spent a lot of quality time with the girls.  Such is the life of a working mom!

I figured we were ready to PLAY HOOKY!!!  What a better day to pick than St. Patrick’s Day.  The sun was shining.  The skies were blue.  And, the parade was downtown.

I packed a great lunch.  Called the montessori school to inform them the girls had better plans.  We were on our way each wearing something green!  It was a GIRL DAY!

We walked around the tents.  Climbed the stairs of the War Memorial.  Visited the Shrine Room.  Watched the parade.  Grabbed enough candy that it seemed like Halloween.  Skirted around the unfilled fountains.

Soon this FREE day turned into an EXPENSIVE day.  Amongst all of this excitement, I look over to see my van being towed from the parking lot.

If you know Indianapolis, there aren’t a plethora of cabs around.  Thanks to the Irish Hurlers we were able to get to the pound with little trouble. COINCIDENTALLY, one of the teammates departing from the same parking lot had TWO PINK CAR SEATS in his car.  Go figure!  So, the lesson, “Don’t ever get in a car with a stranger!,” went right out the window.

I had prepared in advance for Spring Break with putting some cash in my wallet earlier in the week.  I figured surely I had enough cash on me and surely the pound would take a credit card.  NEGATIVE!!!

So, I offered the very nice pound attendant either my purse or to pick a girl he would like for me to leave behind!  He wouldn’t accept either.

From behind the counter a nice woman (also a mother) offered to drive me and the girls to the nearest cash station.  So, the lesson, “Don’t ever get in a car with a stranger!,” went right out the window.  Oh…and no car seats…yup…that too!

The most interesting part was the differing reactions from the girls.

{dramatic} CAMPBELL | We are never going to get home.  Why did they steal our car?

{kick-your-ass} EMERSON | I cannot believe you are going to pay these people to get our own van back.  I am telling Dad.

Oh well…it was all a big adventure we will remember.

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