middle school

In our school district, middle school begins in fifth grade. I never quite agreed with this strategy because I believed fifth graders still belonged in elementary school. These babies…or perhaps that was just my way of denying the fact that my oldest was growing…still required more coddling.  But I think everyone would admit wholeheartedly that there is a distinct difference between a 10 year old and a 14 year old. Not only is the physical difference enormous but their maturity, interests, and capabilities. So mixing those age groups on a bus was a concern of mine at the outset of the year.

Fast forward from September to June.

Briggs performed better than expected. He transitioned into the middle school environment with ease. We had no major behavioral issues to deal with. He seemed to make good friends. While I suspect he is a bit goofy…aren’t most 10-11 year old boys?

So when I was looking through the final papers Briggs brought home from school, I found the list below.  I guess he is growing up and needs less coddling than I can cling to.

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