With each new milestone the twins make I breathe a VERY brief sigh of relief foolishly anticipating life to get just a bit easier.  We recently graduated from both cribs and highchairs. It signified a new beginning to me…one that they might actually be growing up, moving away from the Terrible Twos Stage. I seem to have easily forgotten this stage with the boys.  Although, I am not entirely sure it even existed to the same extent.  The girls make look cute but they work the system…and the DRAMA!!!

I must not be like most moms that mourn the quickly passing stages of their babies.  I am eager.  In fact, VERY eager for the destruction to cease.  Today, like every day, they were in full destructive-mode.  While I was caring for Gage as he was throwing up, they proceeded to take the fireplace tools and spread the soot and ashes from the living room through the kitchen to the sun room.  They couldn’t have been more excited using the miniature broom and shovel.  I could have been equally excited to use those same tools on their backsides. 

Not but an hour later they had taken the enormous piles of laundry that had been carefully folded and threw them over the bannister to the entryway.  They take great pleasure in causing me pain.  Double Trouble to say the least. 

The problem is, I know I am the one to blame.  I don’t spend enough devoted time with them.  And, I need to introduce them to something feminine after watching them descend the stairs with guns and lightsabers dressed as Superheros. 

So while we now have six chairs around our circular kitchen table and no cribs in sight…I need to patiently wait for this destructive stage to pass.

2 Responses to “six chairs. no cribs. but still…”

  1. Jessica Strickland Says:

    I know how awful this sounds and will probably make you want to strangle me…but every time I read about the chaos with the kids, I laugh uncontrollably! It is just too funny! Although probably not to you…well, maybe after the fact! 😉

  2. susan Says:

    someday you will laugh and long for their craziness.

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