lowest denominator

I have been thinking about this idea for awhile. If we were all judged on our worst qualities, we would be a land of very bad people. Unfortunately, sometimes our best qualities are easily overlooked. If I was factored down to my worst, here is the type of person I would be described as:

– Tiffany can be impatient. And typically with that impatience comes a temper.

– She can be insensitive not necessarily considering the ‘big picture’ before considering all the facts.

– She has to have multiple fires burning at once…ADD, perhaps? Don’t know but she is busy.

– Tiffany let’s her kids pee in the bushes, run naked, and rarely wear shoes.

– She has to write everything down to remember it. Early dementia, perhaps? Don’t know but Tim finds it annoying that he has to repeat himself.

– She rolls her eyes and doesn’t hide her disinterest.

– Tiffany asks too many questions. Intrusive, perhaps?

Shortly after Nine died (in fact the day of) someone said to me, “Surely there will be good to come of her passing.”  It isn’t quite the comment I wanted to hear at the time.  I tried not taking offense to the offerer of this advice because I thought I might agree once some time had passed.

I find myself once again choosing to believe in the goodness of people.  In fact, I wrote a lot about this topic while Tim was deployed to Iraq.  My point is…if we were always taken for our worst qualities then everyone would always expect the worst.  While we all have traits that make us despicable at times, I am trying specifically to keep focus on the positive qualities.

2 Responses to “lowest denominator”

  1. Winden Says:

    There is goodness in all people and all events…. even death. We may not see it at the time…. we may not see the big picture right away…. but there is goodness there. I believe that.

  2. susan Says:

    Winden is right. I can tell you from expceriencing my own loss that good things do come. Maybe not how you planned or expected but God delivers his promises.

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