I queried Briggs on his New Year’s Resolutions last night.  He said he needed time to sit on it.  I agreed.  It always takes me awhile to figure out what I can truly commit to in the coming year. 

I would love to commit to not yelling at my children (at least not in the morning) but I would be setting myself up for failure almost immediately.  Mornings don’t always go well, as many mothers can relate.  I would love to give up sweets but why…life is to short not to enjoy what you put in your mouth.  I would like to get more rest, spend more quality time with each child, but I figure I should make my goals attainable. Here they are:

– Drink one glass of milk a day and take a multi-vitamin.

– Try to do 1-2 loads of laundry per day instead of ten at the end of the week!

– Establish a chores and allowance system for Briggs.

– Mail birthday cards only with a handwritten note enclosed.  No email cards.

– Eat all food in the freezer before replinishing it.

 – Get children into bed by 9pm.

– Make church a priority on Sundays.

– Keep up on weeds…I think some weeds in my landscape grew to look more like shrubs.

I will keep myself honest by checking in next January.

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  1. susan Says:

    I’ve got a good program that we’ve been using for chores, learning responsibility, not always getting instant gratification. call me and i’ll tell you about it.

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