scary cat

I promised Stacy I would upload pictures of our beloved cat, Misty.  She is as old as the hills.  We have had her since 1992.  She has lived in multiple homes in four states.  She has traveled on planes, trains, and automobiles.   Like the rest of the Stoner Clan…she has a lot of personality.

When we resided in Alabama during Flight School, her best friend was an armadillo.  They seriously had some sort of shared language.  We would often catch them sitting next to each other looking out into the woods.  It would make a perfect children’s story, “Misty and the Armadillo.”  No one steal the idea…we may run with it someday!

She prefers to either drink from a fish bowl, the toilet or the shower.  She refuses to drink out of a bowl unless it is from a glass with ice in it.  Total Diva Cat! 

When Tim and I were in graduate school, we moved her from Chicago to Muncie.  She escaped from the car as soon as we arrived and was missing for two weeks.  Tim finally discovered her high up in a tree, and rescued her.  She was malnourished and dirty.  Thus the love affair began between the two.

I don’t believe I have ever heard such a boisterous cat.  She talks all of the time…and loudly.  She is often and embarrassingly heard over many of  my conference calls.  She knows the moment we start packing for a trip.  She hates to see the suitcases come out.  And, there is no feeding time for Misty…it is anytime you walk by.

She has and continues to endure the toddler stage of each of our children.  She gets chased, cornered, and smothered. She sometimes fights back but seems to enjoy the attention more than not.  She sleeps with her best buddy, Gage, every night.  

Despite her Diva-persona, she never has been particularly fond of grooming.  Like there isn’t anything else for her to do.  Worse, as she has grown into her senior years, she has pretty much stopped licking herself altogether.  Hence, the recent shaving that was required. 

She looked like a white, wet rat.  The hair has grown out considerably since this photo was taken.  But I figure this blog wouldn’t be complete with Misty.  P.S. We gave her something fun to play with on New Year’s Eve.


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  1. Stacy Meyer Says:

    I can’t say these photos do “the haircut” justice. At least she made the blog…

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