the thoughts of children

When the children walked up to Nine’s casket, they each had different things to say…

The twins immediately said, “Nine sleeps.”

Gage turned to me inquisitively and asked, “Where’s God?” As if he was going to meet him there and was left disappointed. I had to explain that God is all around us but we cannot see him. We just have to believe he is with Aunt Nine.

Then I asked Briggs if he wanted to say anything to her. He said, “Aunt Nine, thanks for always getting us cool toys when we visited.” He then went on to ask where her legs were (casket half closed) and if she still had bones in her body if the blood was gone.

After a few pokes and pats, we walked away. It was Emerson that kept wanting to return to try to wake her up. Wouldn’t we all?

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