petite ball of whoop-***

Campbell came out screaming, despite her petite stature, and hasn’t stopped since.  We consider her a rare, special child.  Tim and I often want to shake her and kiss her at the same time.  She has an inate way of driving you crazy yet loving her madly within minutes of each other. 

She is smart beyond her years.  Not sure if it is true intellect yet, however, she just seems to understand the subtlies of life with ease .  She is also able to articulate herself quite well.  Her vocabulary is vast.

She is a mother hen and a total boss!  She tells everyone what to do, including her parents.  She describes her role in the house as “mommy’s boss” or “mommy’s assistant.”  I suppose that means on any given day she could be in the #1 or #2 leadership role.  When she is feeling particularly loving, however, she’ll refer to you as ‘honey’ in a rather high-pitched, motherly tone.

As I have noted on many posts before, she (and Emerson) are destructive.  It is by far their most annoying characteristic. This week our favorite, and well-visited carpet cleaner, was called in again for Campbell’s OCD-type obsession with soaps, shampoos, and lotions.  She happily covered the carpet with a bottle of J&J Head-to-Toe Wash.  Trying to remove it myself was a helpless option.  And, did I mention that she has taken markers and ballpoint pens to several of the walls in the last week?  Thank goodness for Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser!

I have gone to great lengths to finally pull together a ‘big girl room’ that is both sweet and contains signficant family touches, such as pillows made from Aunt Nine’s fabrics, their great grandfather’s singing frog, their great grandmother’s old chair reupholstered, their cousin’s headboards and my Harvey Edwards poster that hung in my bedroom while growing up of old toe shoes.  I would describe the decor as soft, chabby chic.  Lots of pink and white and green.  But for as much as I try, the twins would prefer a weapon over a doll.  Or even more creatively at times, use their dolls as weapons. 

As Campbell snuggled into her bed for the first night she said, “Oh…I love my new bed.  Now I get to go the store to buy a BATMAN!”

I will end with this…Campbell or Emerson have already learned how to hold their own.  In fact, their older brothers often fear them.  If I were to predict the future, I see both of them kicking some *** in a boardroom someday.

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  1. Betsy Roeder Says:

    They did that to the carpets again??

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