I am seriously wondering if there is a mother out there who can claim she has never been vomited on? Because I am thinking you are either blocking it out of your mind, you have good reflexes, or your child is some freak-of-nature that avoids the stomach flu.

I remember long before Tim and I had children, my brother-in-law, Mark, described one of the most disgusting experiences he had had as a father.  His oldest son, Saxon, was about three years old if I recall.  The two were sleeping in bed when all of a sudden he felt Sax crawl over to him and say, “Daddy my tummy is sour.”

The next thing Mark knew he was covered with Sax’s sour.  The worst part…he was sleeping with his mouth open!

Now I cannot say I have ingested anything quite so nasty and this is NOTHING like another Barfapalooza in session but nonetheless it is making its wormy way slowly through the family.

Tim deserves considerable kudos.  After Nine died, he traveled over 14 hours with the children in the van…all while Campbell barfed her way back to Indianapolis.

Here is to being a mom or dad covered in muck!

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  1. mary Says:

    if it helps at all, once I was holding Grace on my hip as we were leaving pre-school. They had called b/c her ‘tummy felt funny’. I had on a blouse and as I turned to say goodbye to her teacher she puked right down my shirt. I’ll fill you in on how I got out of there and home sometime 🙂

  2. Heather Says:

    I guess puke (or poo) on mothers is like a badge for courage or bravery. Or could be just a badge of insanity…somedays I wonder. Today, Jaxon decided not to poo in his pants, but he poohed on my bedroom floor…and then walked in it. Thanks goodness for hardwood.

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