Beware of falling hand weights when you walk in our entryway. 

Yes…pre-hormanal, Emerson, at age two decided to show just how mad she was by throwing a 5 lb. dumbell (inherited from my grandfather) from the banister on the second floor.  It sounded as if a bomb went off in the house.  Thankfully, no one was below otherwise this would be a notice of unfortunate death.  Just a few significant dents in the hardwood floor. 

Wish us luck as they mature into full-fledged hormonally-charged teens!

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  1. Emily Peoples Says:

    There may be hope… my mom always says that I went through puberty during my terrible two stage and was easy after that. I like to agree, but there’s always the possiblity that she was just preoccupied later on by my three brothers!

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